Godaddy Retention

I have bought and parked quite a few domains through Godaddy over the years.  As a customer, I have stuck with them mainly because it can be a pain in the rear to move my domains to other providers.  In addition to being a pain to leave, they also do a few other things to make it easy for me to stay:

  • They send me reminder emails months in advance of my domains expiring.  While I find this practice a little silly, it does serve to remind me they still exist and keep their brand somewhat at the top of my mind
  • They encourage me to set my domains to auto-renew so I don’t have to do anything to stay with them when a domain expires.
  • They offer a fairly low price for buying domain names (though there are now several providers that are cheaper)
  • Their domain management tools are better than a lot of other competitors.

Godaddy has what I consider a rather ingenious way to get you to refer other customers.  They make it easy for you to manage domains purchased by others.  For example, if a client needed a domain, I could have them purchase the domain on their own through Godaddy and get them to grant me access to manage it.  With other providers, I would either have to purchase the domain on my own account and bill the client, or I would have to get the login & password the client used to buy the domain (which the client never remembers…).


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