Pixlee: Humanizing the Brand Experience

Pixlee is out in front of a tidal wave of change in brand marketing. In the past big brands were able to tightly control the communication channels between themselves and their customers. Social media in recent years has flipped the balance of power and fundamentally changed the way brand messages reach consumers. Brands are no longer defining themselves, they are being defined by consumer conversations.

These changes drove Pixlee to create a platform that aggregates brand-related content from social media, surfaces the most relevant content, and instantly displays it for use in galleries, merchandising, events, etc. This produces stunning visualizations of the conversations happening live around the targeted brand. This aggregation system also allows a deeper benefit in the data it is able to gather from various social media sources and the insights it is able to provide managers into conversations as they are happening. The data positions them to provide their customers a more authentic, relevant, and timely brand image online.

Pixlee targets CMOs and brand managers in prominent companies including San Francisco 49ers, Whistler Blackcomb, and Coca-Cola. A quick look at their featured customers illuminates their most productive acquisition channel: referral. Counting how many NFL teams followed the 49ers demonstrates how effectively they are turning their customers into evangelists.

Pixlee is among the pack of those disrupting the market for online marketing tools. They’re still in their early stages and they’ve laid out a strong vision for continuing to make big waves in the future of digital marketing.


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