Crown Social – A new age Social media startup


Crown Social is a wicked Social media startup that helps companies spread a word about their businesses in the most effective way. Be it building cool websites, to exciting campaigns or developing social media strategy to building attractive props, they do it all!! Crown Social listens to its client’s needs, but always works to build a great story for customers. Zach Huntting, Founder & CEO, is a former digital advertising strategist who has immense experience in social media. His background in blogging and building brands for musicians has helped him spearhead Crown Social in the right direction.

Crown Social has an interesting strategy when it comes to positioning. They don’t consider themselves a “me too” social media firm. They are creating a new market in the sense that their approach, to a large extent, is non-traditional. Zach and team not only provide best value to their clients but also to a customer who is looking to buy/use their clients products and services. Zach’s philosophy is quite simple: “Customer doesn’t need a story that talks about a 100 different superlative features. He/She needs one compelling story that will serve his need in the most simplistic way”. When approached by a client, Crown Social never really tries to deep dive in to the product or service itself. All they care about is as to how that product or service adds value to a customer and if it solves a customer’s pain point. They then build a story around it that a customer cannot walk away from!

Crown Social’s growth has been completely organic. Zach’s initial contacts and Crown Social’s superior work have helped them acquire clients time and again and grow in to a company they are today. Crown Social’s initial customers and work was through Zach’s personal contacts. Per him, there is dearth of talent as opposed to work! He walks away from a job if it doesn’t excite him or the team. When I visited Crown Social, Zach and team were designing beautiful jewelry boxes with appropriate messaging for Blue Nile (Diamond company). Zach was excited about giving Blue Nile’s customers a whole new level of experience while buying jewelry and as to how the delicate messaging and the packaging would boost Blue Nile’s sales and business. Crown Social very much follows players who practice traditional Social media. Zach quoted “If I were to pick one company that elevates the richness of Social media, it would be Starbucks. Their twitter campaign was mind blowing! The strategy was classic in that the traffic it generated was nothing short of sheer brilliance”.

Crown Social is clearly carving a niche for itself amidst a sea of competitors. It will be interesting to see their strategy and growth in years to come as they take on bigger players and work. Check them out here.


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