GEN-ARC: Bringing your Past into the Future

Newer and better technologies, services, and products are being unveiled every day. Computers get faster, movies and pictures become clearer, and internet is available in more locations and formats than ever before. With everyone looking forward to the latest-and-greatest, few focus on the preservation of the great memories, events, and creations people develop using these current or past technologies. Old photo albums and VHS’s of family gatherings, 8mm film of great-grandfathers building log cabins, even CD’s and USB drives of trips to Hawaii sit around collecting dust, going obsolete. But with GEN-ARC, these memories will be preserved, in the latest format, for years to come.


GEN-ARC is a newly-formed company focused on the preservation and organization of information important to families and corporations alike. Whether this is old videos, legal documents, photos, or publications, GEN-ARC has a way to keep them secure, updated, and accessible.


GEN-ARC will jumpstart its development utilizing the resources of two pending acquisitions (expect to close in Q1). The first target company specializes in article conversion for families and will expand to businesses following the acquisition. The customer sends in boxes of old photos, videos, papers and receives a digital copies of these products in CD or USB format. The second target company develops and markets a cloud based Digital Asset Management (DAM) software platform that allows large enterprise customers to manage their important digital assets. Following the acquisition, their market will be expanded to target the millions of small to midsized business (SMB’s) that have critical digital assets. 


GEN-ARC pairs these existing companies with its own unique vision. It developed a proprietary method for maintaining the digitized files in the technologies of today without added hassle or cost to the customer. And by keeping the files in a remote data storage network, GEN-ARC can allow access not only to the customer but to his or her selected relatives as well.


The approach for customer acquisition will be two-pronged, simultaneously marketing to corporations and independent consumers. The corporations would benefit from the current cloud storage offerings of the acquired DAM platform with added value in knowing their archived files will always be available to them. Companies focused on preservation of information for their customers (asset managers, lawyers, medical practitioners) can offer the utility of GEN-ARC as a benefit, ensuring the security of their documents and assets. GEN-ARC will pitch everyday consumers the benefits of its newly acquired conversion capabilities coupled with the added accessibility of the cloud and security for years to come. With first target acquisitions existing customer base, GEN-ARC has an obvious first target with which to launch its innovative offering.


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