Stride – Everything You Need to Manage Your Sales

Stride is a start-up company that develops an on-line sales management tool that helps its users to make the sales process more efficient. Stride’s value proposition is making the sales process as easy and simple as possible. Stride was created with the average person in mind. Stride’s users don’t need overly complex sales software but look for straight-forward system that will help them be more productive.

Stride’s sales tool has features such as deal overview that walks users through the entire sales process from the opportunity identification to a closed sale. Users can review simplified metrics providing key figures of their sales pipeline. Stride allows its users to communicate and collaborate in real-time and work together as a team to win the sale. Stride’s team plans to add additional features in the future; however, the main focus will be kept on simplicity. Stride runs as a cloud based solution accessible through any browser and the company also offers Stride app for the iPhone.

Stride is in a business-to-business market and their target customers are small and medium sized companies that need an efficient way of managing their sales. Stride competes in an existing market that has well established key players providing sales management systems. The biggest players are Salesforce, NetSuite and SAP; however, all of these companies market their product to large companies and their product is too complex for the needs of a small business owner.

Stride uniquely positions its sales management system as the simplest way to organize, track, and manage leads, opportunities and sales. It is marketed to users that don’t need the full functionality of an enterprise-wide CRM system. Typical Stride customer would be a company that has less than a hundred leads in their pipeline. Stride is marketed to freelancers and small business owners. Stride uses a combination of inbound and outbound marketing to reach their customer. The outbound marketing techniques used include Facebook ads and Google ads.  The company has found that in-stream Facebook ads are particularly effective way of reaching their customers. Inbound marketing techniques include publishing sales oriented content that potential customers search for.  A good example of quality content inbound marketing is the Beginner’s Guide To Sales that comprises of nine chapters on sales. The content is published on the company’s blog and shared through Facebook and Twitter.


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