Works Progress Seattle- A neighborhood coworking space in Greenwood

Works Progress Seattle ( is an organization that provides a flexible coworking and meeting space for independent and socially minded workers and start-up entrepreneurs who’d like to work around other people. The coworking space includes two conference rooms, a phone booth, a kitchen and other amenities for now. It is also expanding to have more conference rooms, media equipment and so forth. The coworking space is located in Greenwood and targeted on getting people from nearby to have a place to work together.

The market Works Progress is pursuing is an existing and growing market. There are about 18 coworking spaces in Seattle and Works Progress is the only coworking space in Greenwood region. While coworking spaces in downtown Seattle are for young entrepreneurs who need a fresh start place to get their business on the ground, Works Progress is focusing more on people who are looking for places that could provide community and productivity. Except for young entrepreneurs, Works Progress also tends to attract people who want to establish their business, who work for nonprofits, graduate students, and etc. Thus, the targeted customers would be people who work from home, live nearby of the coworking space, and have flexible hours or just starting up and want to keep work from life a little separate because of having kids or other reasons.

By figuring out the coworking market and customers, Works Progress has a clear positioning, that is to deliver services for neighborhoods and focus on communities. Works Progress aims to make the coworking space feel like a home and professional instead of high-tech and fancy. To reach the targeted customers, they used both outbound and inbound campaign strategy. Mostly, they focus on inbound campaign, which includes Google search, Facebook, Yelp, Collaborate Alliance, Meetup, Sandwich Board and etc. For outbound campaign, they did some postcards and signs. Since all of their members work online, so the online advertising is reaching to targeted customers more effectively and efficiently.

In the coming January, Works Progress is going to have its first anniversary. Along with the steady growth, I believe Works Progress could reach more and more customers and deliver its idea of coworking to broader potential customers.


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