Z Girls Empowers Young Athletes

Z Girls is a program for young female athletes that teaches them the mental and emotional skills they need for their sport and their life. Founded by Libby Ludlow, a former Olympic skier, the Z Girls mission is to “empower girls with confidence, courage, and community.”

The Z Girls program is specifically targeted at 11 to 14 year old girls who participate in sports. According to Libby, this is a prime age to influence girls and incorporate the mental skills that are most important for their personal and sport successes. While there are sport psychologists and sports camps available for girls today, Z Girls has created a new market with its comprehensive instruction for young female athletes that is taught in the context of sport. Z Girls offers sport-specific curriculum in 6 one-hour sessions at a team’s regularly scheduled practice or 4 one-hour sessions with select components of the curriculum, or a one-day summer camp.

Z Girls positions itself as a fun camp with supportive coaching for young female athletes. Core to Z Girls is its Compass Curriculum™ which is based on four key elements: Inspired Direction (Courageous and Purposeful Goal-setting), Resilient Mind (Self-Awareness, Positive Thinking, ad Confidence), Solid Support (Communication and Building a Supportive Community), and Thriving Body (Positive Body-Image and Healthy Nutrition Habits). The curriculum is delivered through the consultant channel – the company recruits and trains Program Leaders who are all collegiate, professional, or Olympic athletes. The Program Leaders are not only instructors, but they also serve as positive role models for the young girls.

It’s always interesting to see how an entrepreneur can take something they are passionate about and turn it into a real business. Libby knew from the very beginning that she wanted to give back to the sports community. After receiving accolades for a pilot program she ran and winning 2nd place in the UW Business Plan Competition earlier this year, Z Girls is just beginning to take off. Thank you, Libby, for being an inspiration to young female athletes and to students who are looking to pursue entrepreneurship.

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