“Help…my computer crashed!” Contact Magnolia Tech Support

Hugh Turnbaugh started Magnolia Tech Support (MTS) after realizing that it was hard to find a good tech shop in the Magnolia neighborhood for individuals to have their computers fixed. His background includes six years in the U.S. Navy as an Electrical Technician and a Bachelors from University of Washington’s Foster School of Business with a focus in Information Systems.

Hugh, his wife and son live in the Magnolia neighborhood, so he wanted to start out by serving the local community. Initially, MTS targeted stay-at-home moms, wives, and older couples in the Magnolia neighborhood with outbound marketing strategies, including a flyer with a lady screaming “Help! My computer crashed!” and an ad in Craigslist. Now, MTS has branching out to the surrounding Seattle neighborhoods and is also targeting small businesses who need help setting up their small-scale IT infrastructure.

MTS differentiates itself in a few key ways to increase the available market for their business. They offer a variety of electronic support services, including Mac and PC devices, printers, TVs, sensors, etc. As a service provider, Hugh also differentiates himself by offering exceptional customer service and personalized solutions. He recognizes that some tech support can leave a customer feeling inept and powerless, but Hugh makes a point to explain the computer issues to customers in a way that they understand. Hugh always asks customers to spread the word about his business if they liked his service, and referrals are the biggest source of new customers.

A few additional channels for reaching customers has been through joining the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce and joining a few small business groups, like BNI Northwest, LeTip, and Biz to Biz Network. These groups serve as a weekly “meet-up” to spread the word about your small business to other small business owners with an aim at increasing referrals and awareness of your business. Additionally, Hugh is starting to increase the presence of MTS on social media with a recent promotion on Facebook for a free computer tune-up if a person shares a post from the MTS Facebook site.

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