iKClips – Education with a smile

The Munich based start-up ikClips offers an innovative modular system for intercultural education. It is based on three tracks, which include an online platform for intercultural videos, integrated e-learnings and face-to-face intercultural trainings.


ikClips offers individual videos

I will focus on the first two tracks as they are particular innovative. The online platform ikClips allows users to watch short entertaining and informative videos, called clips, and learn more about various intercultural aspects. Topics include, for instance, cultural phenomena in a business context or interaction with employees in different countries. The e-learning modules are similar to a language course and can be combined with webinars, tasks, informational texts, and pop up tests.

The Market
The traditional market for intercultural trainings is somewhat square. Most service providers offer intercultural education in form of face-to-face trainings, which often lack efficiency as they are rather expensive and time consuming. IkClips offers a modern, more effective approach to intercultural training. By this means, IkClips creates a new market for a new product and can currently benefit from first mover advantages. At the moment, the company solely operates as a B2B provider of intercultural services. At the moment, ikClips targets the German or rather German-speaking market only.

The Positioning
The company aims to offer effective intercultural education to companies while allowing them to cut costs (such as time and travel expenses). As for market research and analytics, ikClips has previously cooperated with local colleges. This allows ikClips to offer valuable and research backed content. 

The Customer Channels
Customers include individual intercultural trainers, intercultural training agencies, and companies.
IkClips contacted the trainers on several intercultural fairs where the company presented their business model and hence managed to attract new clients.
Besides, IkClips presented their business model to every intercultural agency in Germany and achieved to partner up with some of them eventually. These agencies take the part of sales partners. By this means, ikClips can tap into the existing customer base of intercultural agencies and also establishes connections with new customers while agencies extend their portfolio. Furthermore, personal business connections have helped to reach out to companies. Companies can then offer the clips on their internal websites.


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