Crown Social Raises the Bar

Crown Social, founded by Zach Huntting, is a social media marketing agency in Seattle, WA.  Zach focused on marketing for his MBA and has worked as a digital advertising strategist and client-side head of marketing.

Zach envisioned Crown Social’s positioning as disruptive, noting that most existing agencies behaved more like consulting companies, while companies that were doing their own social media marketing didn’t have the knowhow to create real buzz. Zach feels that Crown Social has carved out their own space as a “badass” social media agency, pushing boundaries with a knowledgeable and with-it staff.

Companies often feel that social media is nothing more than maintaining a Twitter handle and consistently updating a Facebook presence. Crown Social destroys that theory by creating groundbreaking campaigns combined with cutting edge analytics.

Crown Social is focused on content, and Zach knows that creativity and execution must go hand in hand. In the world of social media, cool is king. The agency’s demand is that the company and campaign must be “stalkable” and Zach firmly believes in the pull theory of social media. We flock to Attractive, Current, and Cool. Crown Social is constantly in motion in order to maintain these qualities, which is why we can find the agency at the Seattle Interactive Conference, as well as tech, art, fashion and community events.

Crown Social’s customers range from Fortune 500 companies to marketing agencies to tech startups. The agency gains customers mostly through word of mouth, as companies inquire about Crown Social’s quality work around the community.


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