Cake Health – take control of your health.

Cake Health is a free solution which helps with all kind of insurance paperwork. The website was developed by Rebecca Woodcock in the Bay Area of California in early 2010. On in health care market it has one of the largest amounts of followers. They had 12 investors in the past and the most important very interesting idea which has creative execution.

The first sentence on about company says: “Cake Health is a website for families and individuals with frequent medical bills to easily manage their healthcare plan, claims, and bills.” In my opinion, this statement fits the definition of their positioning in the market. It is only one sentence, easy to understand who are they focusing, and clear enough in sense what kind of problems targeted audience can solve with their services.

I found several versions of value propositions of Cake Health and all of them differ in the size, design and small details but the meaning is the same. The first one, which is on their website, says:


“The best free way to manage health care. CakeHealth brings all your health care plans together online so you can easily track your health spending — without the paperwork.”  It expresses the unique added value of product to certain group of people. Moreover, it has all the characteristics of classic value proposition. Screaming heading, sub-headline with explanation of what the offer and why it is useful, visual picture of end-product. Simple and smart. Another value proposition was on the website “After logging in and connecting to your plan account, users immediately see their out-of-pocket spending, the state of deductibles and unused benefits. Users will also be able see their bills with potential errors highlighted. Cake Health also recommends optimized coverage to fit the needs of the user. Take control of your healthcare with Cake Health.” This one also has characteristics of value proposition but it is more detailed, for example, it explains more benefits of the product. The reason of the difference is the need to convey message to different people. Website is for ordinary users and it requires catching your attention from the first second, therefore word free is in orange, people like free stuff. However, is for investors and investors need more details but also sufficiently appealing, I think therefore they put “heading” to the end. So, both groups, users and investors, are covered.

I think Cake Health should be successful in communication to their customers. Positioning, on first look, covers target audience and value propositions easy and catchy for different groups, users and investors. It took me only couple of minutes to understand what is their product, who can use it and what kind of problem it solves. Every sentence has vector and meaning. No wonder they have 12 successful investors and 948 followers on


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