airBaltic – Latvian airline company

airBaltic is the biggest airline company in Latvia. It has destinations in main countries of Europe, former USSR republics and some Asian big cities. Usually, airBaltic has medium and low prices for common destinations, it depends on the popularity of the route. In order to keep customers loyal and get people to refer them to others, they use a lot of retention and referral tools.

I use their services for a long time from now and mostly have good memories flying with this company.  In my opinion, they provide good service quality for cheap prices. airBaltic inform me by email about interesting deals. Almost every two weeks I get an email with new offers, it could be different things like cheap prices for specific destinations, night sales, seasonal deals, limited amount of tickets for a very cheap price, happy hours and many other. Another thing which I like is that using airBaltic card I don’t need to pay some of the fees and I get extra discounts for ancillary products. For example, when you buy a ticket you can get a discount for a car rental service, sometimes it is very beneficial. They have loyalty system, called BalticMiles, which gives discounts for subsequent purchases. You gather points from the flights and then exchange for another ticket or extra luggage. Moreover, if I have any issues about services, it is pretty easy to reach them because they are very active at general social network medias, like facebook or twitter. And if happen something extraordinary, like hurricane or foggy weather, and there will be delays or even flight cancellation, they will inform me without delays by email, and all attendant circumstances will provide on facebook and twitter. The last thing which keeps me using their services and not others is they care about me, they send reminders about upcoming flights, they organize emails in easy to read way, they don’t bother me too much with boring information.

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In general, it is kind of hard to motivate me to refer to any company but, honestly, I do refer some of their deals to my friends because I am sure about service quality and I know prices on the market. However, not every airBaltic referral marketing activity is working on me. For example, they use to post “lottery” on facebook, usually you can win free tickets to hot destinations, all you need is to like and share information about lottery on facebook to participate in it. I don’t like to show any advertising on my page, therefore I don’t share. Nevertheless, I never win in the lotteries and therefore I don’t trust to any of this “piece of cakes”.

I feel myself as a deliberative customer and I still continue using airBaltic because they do provide good service quality for cheap price to my favorite destinations.


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