FastCustomer – hate waiting on hold? Then don’t!

FastCustomer lets people reach customer service without waiting on hold, and helps companies improve their customer service experience. You tap the company and department you want to reach. Then, FastCustomer will do the entire job on hold and company will call you back. You can contact them as a customer or as a business. For customers it saves a lot of time and money, for the business – reputation and loyalty. I think it is great application, they have big team, 332 followers on and 10 past investors but somehow they gathered only 750,000$ for seed investment. Maybe it is enough?

I found them on and never heard about this app before. However, FastCustomer uses different inbound marketing and outbound marketing tools. In order to check their customer acquisition strategies, I have started from trying to find them on google. Actually, first website to appear was blogger review on, the second was their website. It means they have good SEO and users can easily find them. Only using other links with reviews of apps for skipping waiting time on hold I found information about competitors. This is good for FastCustomer and bad for their competitors. Nevertheless, there was no any paid advertising on google about FastCustomer, they don’t use SEM.


The first thing you see when you come to the website is the visual explanation of their services. Then, you scroll down and there is a form for using the app. They also have instructional videos on website and on YouTube. They have a lot of images, short sentences explaining benefits and mostly I had good impression about design. You can’t download anything, there is no donation even. It is totally free.

I was trying to register as a customer for their service, there is “Log in” button but I can’t find registration application. In theory, it uses email address because “Log in” asks your email and password. Then, I tried to use it and, honestly, saved 13 minutes. I was also curious on how they make money and tried to register as a company, however during the time I was on the website I can’t find any registration or request for registration for company. The only thing I found was possibility to write them a note and I did it, I got response we will contact you as soon as possible.


They have Facebook and Twitter pages. They were very active on Facebook till July 1, 2012 and October 26, 2012 on Twitter, posting information almost twice a week.

As a result of interesting idea, the magazine TIME named them as a “top 10 everything of 2011 along with Facebook, Google, ESPN and HBO.” FastCustomer also have been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, TechCrunch, CBS and NBC. I don’t think that they paid any money for advertising in all this medias, at least I don’t found any evidence of that. Media appearance, blog reviews and listing in different rankings gave them a lot of site retargeting and, on the other hand, they saved money for outbound marketing.


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