Goblinworks: next-generation fantasy sandbox MMORPG game developer

Goblinworks is the developer and publisher of Pathfinder Online, a next-generation fantasy sandbox MMO. Pathfinder Online will be modified version of series not online games. Thus, players who liked the Dungeons and Dragons series or Pathfinder game will be initial potential market. Nevertheless, the game could be interesting for all kind of MMORPG fans because it will be online, available worldwide and as it says on Goblinworks website Pathfinder Online is going to be “a sandbox game with theme park elements” which is differentiation from competitors.

Website mmodata.net says that at least 22 millions of people are playing the most well-known MMORPGs around the world and this data do not includes many social and Asian games. Besides these players, there are a lot of fans of Pathfinder game and Dungeons and Dragons series. Total capacity is enormous; the developers without any problems twice raised money for the game on Kickstarter, last time reaching over 1 million of dollars for development phase.

Although, the game is going to be playable worldwide but initially it will be available in English only. Probably, gamers who played before Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder are attempting to be reached first. The game will focus on people who are waiting for certain features or changes in MMORPGs. Moreover, game creators underline some visual peculiarities and similarities with well-known fantasy movies “The Lord of the Rings, Conan, the Wheel of Time and Game of Thrones”. Finally, Goblinworks have pretty famous developer and designer board, some of them are iconic people in RPG world, and therefore fans of these guys will be also possible users at the first stage.


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