Big Oven #196 on GeekWire 200

Big Oven is a consumer Internet site and application that offers its users a network of recipes to help menu plan, grocery shop, and share favorite ideas with friends and family.

Big Oven is targeting the busy family, specifically the individual in the family responsible for cooking, menu planning, and grocery shopping.  These individuals enjoy the task of cooking, but find it difficult to manage the time it takes to prepare dinners for their families on a regular basis.  I suspect Big Oven’s targeted user is a woman between age 25 and 50 with a family.  Further, the user believes in the importance of eating meals with your family.  Big Oven’s standard services, which includes 250,000+ recipes and the ability to add your own recipes, menu plan, and make a grocery list based on ingredients you need, is free.  Users can upgrade their service for $19.99 a year, which offers the ability to add secret notes to recipes, remove advertising, and see nutrition information when viewing recipes.

Big Oven seems to be positioning themselves well with their target by marketing themselves as culinary enthusiasts, who believe in the importance of saving time and money, and providing great meals to their families.  Big Oven is a new product in an existing market.  Other websites offer the ability to save and search for recipes.  However, I think Big Oven is positioning itself as the service that helps streamline a process making them better at saving time and providing meals for their families.


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