Korrio (#197 on GeekWire 200)

Korrio is a cloud-based program that aims to streamline the organization and communication for youth sports (www.korrio.com). It allows clubs, teams, parents, and players to stay up to date on all the necessary information surrounding the team. They can register for the organization, get roster and contact information, directions to the field or arena, and even find out who is on snack duty for the upcoming game all on one site.

Korrio is targeted at parents who want easily accessible information regarding their children’s sports teams. They are busy families who are probably managing several different calendars. Coaches and club leaders are also a target market as the program could help them efficiently manage the team and schedule. Soccer is the most prominently featured sport on the site and demos but the communications refer to sports in general.  The program could be used for any type of organized sport.

Korrio is positioned as the first integrated solution for families to manage sports schedules and information. It’s more a product for the sports community instead of just for clubs or players. The social network feature of the product allows organizations, teams, and members to stay connected and communicate with ease. Another key position is that Korrio is a secure product and personal information is private. The program knows the user’s role (player, coach, etc.) and only displays related information.

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