#168th on Geekwire 200 is ranked 168th on The company is targeting businesses that need to schedule/manage employee shifts for flexible work time/work force.  Potential customer market that they are focusing on currently are Hospitals, security services and call centers. Along with this core capability, they also provide complementing services such as targeted communications, document management, etc.

Company’s goal is to come up with products that can help manage employee shifts in real time where there is a need of 24X7 hrs (or longer hours) availability of human as resources. Other than their current customer base, they could be going after businesses that involve in similar services in long term such as shipping industry on Seattle port, airports, EMS services like police/fire/ambulance. They could broaden their customer base by marketing their product to nationwide chains of Super markets and fast food centers that are open for longer hours.

To current and future market, Shiftboard is positioning itself as an “end to end” solution to manage employee shifts so that companies do not have to rely on any other supplementary technology solutions to solve their problem. They do this really well by giving in-depth examples of every business that used their products and how Shiftboard gave a solution to their challenges. This helps potential customers closely relate such case studies/examples with their problems. Further, they distribute free demo versions before purchasing the products with several options for expansion.


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