Add3: Geekwire #154

Add3 is a search-marketing agency. They use data, research, and analytics to help companies advertise and grow. Their specialty is online marketing. Add3 is looking for companies who need help expanding their business through advertising. Add3 helps companies that are unfamiliar with SEO and SEM marketing or companies that are not seeing results with their current marketing practices.

Although they work with large clients, Add3 can also work with new businesses who do not have the ability to have a marketing team on staff. Add3 is targeting clients who need help with their advertising campaign. For companies who are not getting the results they want, Add3 appears to be able to find the solution for them.

They are positioning themselves as the expert in the industry. Add3 says they have the perfect approach to help companies see results in SEO and SEM. Add3 created a SEM Campaign Cycle with the following sections: campaign creation expansion, conservative bidding and testing, data accumulation, optimization, proven efficiency, and continuous optimization. This cycle is their approach to maximizing companies’ potential in online marketing.



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