Apple Pie – Geekwire #157

Apple Pie is a B2C e-commerce website that sells “Made in the USA” products and advocates for promoting American brands and the jobs they create. So far, categories Apple Pie sells include personal care, kids, pets, home, accessaries, work, and sports. To differentiate themselves from competitors, Apple Pie concentrates on unique, hand-crafted, designer items. 

 The potential market consists of customers in the U.S, overseas travelers who want to buy “Made in the USA” products as souvenirs, also customers locating in other countries show interests in same types of goods. Currently, Apple Pie focuses on local consumers with marketing strategy of arousing patriotism and supporting U.S.’s economy. It seems Apple Pie positions itself more of upper levels of the need pyramid. 

There are a few other web stores and retailers competing in this market. A major one of them is a company called Made in America Store. Besides them, Apple Pie might also aim at e-commerce giants like With a quick glimpse, some, if not all, of the brands sold at Apple Pie are available at Amazon, for a cheaper price, unfortunately.


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