Buddy : GeekWire #117

Buddy provides two major tools for mobile phone app developer.

1. User friendly API platform

Application Programming Interface (API) often time is a big challenge for new app designer. I actually tried it by myself for my own car canceling app idea, it definitely save my time fighting with API, especially in the long run.

2. Customer data analytics dashboard

If you use their API platform for your app, the Buddy analytics dashboard can consistently collect and analysis the user information data from the app’s audience. I haven’t try this feature by myself yet, but it looks amazing. They claim that they pre-process the raw data, so you don’t need an MIT-grade insight into all the analytic data.

Buddy is like a web-design website, such as web.com and wix.com, but for small business or independent app developers. The market for mobile app is huge. There are all kind of different apps, and every app developer need to deal with API and customer data analysis. There are and will have more similar service providers like Buddy. Whoever can keep the quality of the service and have more early customers to get used to their platform will have the best advantage to last on the market.



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