GeekWire #171 – Rescue Time

Rescue time is computer/mobile software designed to monitor how you spend your time and provides you with analytics around it. The basic premise is that track time spent on various programs so you can measure your productivity (i.e. time spent working on email vs. facebook). With Rescue Time Lite you get this along with a weekly email and analytics tools. It is noted that your information will be anonymized, but that it will be added to their statistical tools. With the premium version you can track time away from the computer, receive alerts and block distracting websites. The cost is minimal at $72/year, plus a commission of 15%/month you get for anyone who signs up on a referral link (which is a fairly high cost per acquisition given its perpetual).

Their product is positioned as a lean feature for the individual. Based on the type of service they provide and the types of clients whose testimonials are features on the website their primary customer is a high functioning, early adopter already operating in technology. A tech startup CEO would be an example of a perfect candidate. Given their commission tactic it seems they are employing a low cost/high volume strategy, hoping to capture not necessarily an individual user’s single contact but an entire office or company. This B2B strategy works well with their target client and given the product is likely easy to replicate they are looking for market penetration relatively quickly.

I’ll be trying out Lite this week and will update my post.


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