Gratafy is a simple gifting platform that allows you, as a busy, yet thoughtful person, to buy your buddy a drink if they just landed that big promotion. Can’t make it to your best friend’s birthday dinner (because it falls on a class night)? Make sure she knows she’s loved by picking up her dinner tab.

On the consumer side, the application targets urban-dwellers- currently in Seattle and Los Angeles – that have expendable income but perhaps not a ton of excess time. Non-smart phone users need not apply. Gratafy is seamlessly integrated with Facebook, but also provides an option to email your gift recipient -perhaps a good option for a professional colleague. So, instead of being one of the 200 wall posts that says “Happy Birthday Lisa!” – send her a drink. She’ll like that better. Promise.

As far as merchants go, Gratafy has targeted trendier restaurants and bars in the mid-price range (read 2-3 dollar signs). They are not trying to create new customers for merchants by offering discounts like Groupon or Living Social; the items for purchase are full-price. They have positioned themselves well by creating early partnerships with well-known, hip and successful drinking and eating establishments.

Consumers and merchants alike- Gratafy has set out to reach very specific markets. I will be excited to now watch how they go about reaching those audiences.


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