Imprev : Geekwire #184

Imprev was founded in 2000 and is based in Bellevue, WA. They provide Marketing solutions for Real-estate agents and agencies.  Imprev provides products and services which cover:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Printing
  • Campaigns

They differentiate by providing a single platform for anything needed by an agent to conduct their business- ranging from business cards, printing fliers, creating mails, ecards, door hangers, creating applications and many others.  Keeping up with the technological trends, Imprev now provides its solution on all form factors including tablets, phones and desktops. As of this date they serve more than 150 K agents worldwide. It was the first company to offer subscription based Virtual tours and the first company to create Multi-lingual real estate application.

Imprev has been doing business in US and Canada. Their core business has been to fulfill the needs of an agent to market a real estate property. Although this service can be useful to homeowners selling their home, however Imprev’s business model is geared towards brokers only. They cater to wide range of clients – large brokerage, regional players and individual agents.  Their core strategy is to make the things super easy and manageable from one site, which any Internet-savvy realtor can do. They keep the subscriptions in a very affordable range so that even individual agents can afford.

In recent years Imprev’s focus has been on large national brokerages. Besides providing them a large dollar contract, it also makes their reputation stronger and makes it easier to sell their service to smaller clients.


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