NeuroVista is a medical device innovator in implantable neurotechnology focused in the management and treatment of seizures. Epilepsy affects people at all age groups (primarily between 15 and 64) and approximately 3 million people in the United States. Uncontrolled and expected cases of epilepsy can lead to serious injuries or even death. Daily activities, such as driving and cooking, are dangerous and patients suffering from the condition often live a life of isolation – increasing the risk of serious injury if an episode occurs.

NeuroVista is developing an Epilepsy Management System that can help monitor and predict a patient’s condition to a pending seizure and alert medical caregivers when an episode does occur. The information can also be aggregated to assist in the development of a more permanent treatment for the condition. The product is likely initially targeted towards the estimated 25% of patients who continue to suffer from seizures despite medical treatment. There is potential to expand the patents and technology to other neuromonitoring devices for similar diseases. The company is positioned as a niche medical device and system company with potential to expand into other areas.


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