OneEnergy Renewables – Geekwire #189

OneEnergy Renewables is a Seattle based renewable energy certificate (REC) and carbon offset broker as well as large-scale clean energy project developer. The company is ranked #189 on Geekwire’s Seattle Startup 200. As a B2B business, the company offers to primary services to large organizational and institutional customers. The company’s REC brokerage offers organizations an avenue to offset electricity already consumed through REC purchases. OneEnergy’s customers can also offset emissions created from their supply chain, employee travel and other business segments through the company’s carbon offsets programs. Both of these programs support OneEnergy’s project development business. The company focuses on developing utility-scale solar energy projects.

Given the size and type of offerings on which OneEnergy has built its business, it’s not surprising that the company has targeted four types of organizational customers.  OneEnergy offers its services to public and private universities, state and local governments, corporations and utilities. OneEnergy’s ideal customer is an environmentally concerned (and somewhat image conscious) large organization. In order to attract these customers, OneEnergy offers tangible and public benefits to customers purchasing RECs and carbon offsets. These purchases can help OneEnergy’s customers achieve LEED certification for projects.  LEED certification in turn helps OneEnergy’s customers distinguish themselves as leaders in the areas of sustainability and clean energy.


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