Optimum Energy: GeekWire #149

Optimum Energy Corporation is a Seattle startup that aims to bring intelligent energy management solutions to achieve optimal energy and operation savings in client HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. By connecting variable speed drives (fan motors that can adjust speed) in a building’s HVAC system together in network, OE’s state-of-the-art control optimization software suits can monitor and access the facility’s real time operational demand, eliminate unnecessary energy consumption, and prolong system components’ service lives.

The startup is currently targeting enterprise level customers who operate HVAC systems in large facilities such as airports, office buildings, power plants, and research centers. That being said, the market it is after is quite large, essentially big buildings we see all around us. Through applying the innovative energy saving solutions, OE’s customers could save big on energy bills. In some cases OE’s customers receive prestigious green building certifications such as LEED and Energy Star. Since their clients would generally be operating large scale HVAC systems, their market positioning is more or less helping their customers “save big with some PR.”

I am excited that Optimum Energy are pushing its engineering and innovations to provide energy/resource-saving solutions for facilities using large amount of energy. I think the startup is on track to an attractive business to both customers and the environment.

Link: http://optimumenergyco.com/


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