Pure Home : Geekwire #144

Pure Home is an e-commerce home décor business that sells paints, furniture and home accessories. They operate entirely online and ship their products to all of continental US. Since Pure Home has to compete with brick and mortar stores, they provide multiple online tools (color views tool and design space) to compensate for the look and feel of the furniture. However their main advantage is the number of product choices they offer compared to brick and mortar stores (which are limited by the physical floor space in stores).

Pure Home targets new home- owners and professional interior designers. They offer a wide range of product sets that new home-buyers would need; including paints and home décor sets. Pure Home also has in-house designers to provide expert opinions on purchase decisions. They also provide discount offers to professional interior designers to attract this market segment. They are hoping to attract end customers through the interior designers channel.

Pure Home positions itself as a complete and comprehensive home décor store along with trusted designer ideas. This is evident from their tag line: “We are home décor with a side of help”. This positioning statement involving custom designs and art work resonates well with the female community (who are usually the primary decision-makers in this market).


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