Square hub – Geekwire #104

Square hub is a private social network that positions themselves as the ‘simple, safe, and fun’ [2] alternative to popular social networks, with a focus on families. It sprung out of the entrepreneurs’ frustration with the noisiness and lack of privacy in the current social networks.
Their potential market is all families that want to share information with one another, but not with ‘everybody’, in a private setting. This market in the US alone is over 110 Million families [1], which they believe are currently disconnected, hyper-busy, and out of touch, but if we think of what this could expand to when targeting other groups of people (such as close friends groups, or activity groups), then this expands to a much larger pie. I doubt they will go that direction however, because that would dilute the value they provide for families and might introduce that dreaded ‘noise’ which they created this company to counter.
From the devices they offer software on (iPhone & Android), as well as their pitch and upselling model, it seems that they are currently focused on middle to high income families, specifically ones with tech-savvy children in the household, and several devices used for communication between family members.
They position their solution as a ‘safe’ environment where parents can, for example, share photos of their children with friends and family without worrying about how their kids’ pictures might be abused by strangers. They also offer family scheduling tools so parents can keep track of their kids’ activities (like soccer practice) so it’s the tool for busy families. They do this on a freemium model, where the basic features are free, and to use advanced features you have to pay for them on a subscription basis.
[1] http://www.census.gov/prod/1/pop/p25-1129.pdf
[2] http://squarehub.com/about-us.html


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