Tango Card – GeekWire #109

Tango Card provides software for businesses to easily send and track gifts/rewards to their customers and employees.  It’s a fairly simple concept.  Instead of purchasing a tangible gift card directly from the store or the grocery/drug store kiosk, Tango Card allows the recipient to select a credit from a wide selection of top name brands.  Once the recipient selects what they want a credit is emailed to them so they don’t have to worry about losing the actual gift card.  Additionally, Tango Card supports a mobile app making it easy to track gifts you’ve given or received.  This concept is called “Rewards-as-a-Service (RaaS) and Tango Card directly integrates into software platforms many enterprises are already using such as Salesforce and Concur.

Tango Card has solutions focused on both small and enterprise businesses.  Their target customers include Human Resources and Sales/Account Management departments.  Tango Card’s pitch to Human Resource departments is that their services help increase employee engagement and satisfaction.  Instead of having to select a gift card from a stack of available options, Tango Card provides a variety of options so employers don’t have to worry about keeping inventory or worrying if the recipient will like it.  On the other hand, Tango Card’s sales pitch for Sales/AM departments includes their focus on making customer acquisition and customer loyalty easier.

I actually bumped into Tango Card at a Human Resources Expo (HR Tech) in October last year.  They gave me a $5 gift card to Amazon as a thank you for stopping by their booth and as an opportunity to try their solution.  The concept is great because the businesses don’t pay anything for the software.  Tango Card makes their money when the recipient uses the gift card as they get a kick-back from wherever the gift card was used.  This seems like a win-win, but it will be interesting to see how they grow and if their target market will evolve. 



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