Walk Score: GeekWire #113

When we move to a new place, we’ll consider whether the apartment/house is convenient enough. Some people need to drive to workplace and some people don’t have driving skills, they require a place easy to reach public transit. Walk Score is a website providing traffic information in a designated area, including walks score, transit score and bike score. They make it easy for people to evaluate walkability and transportation when choosing where to live. The scores they worked out based on a specific methodology.

Nowadays Walk Score has 11k followers on Facebook and 7k followers on Twitter. In my point of view, there’re two parts of potential market, one are those people who are looking for a new living place and have special traffic needs as well; the other is other living information website, who may cooperate with Walk Score.

Walk Score looks partly like Zillow. As a living information website, Zillow also provide traffic information. The difference is that Zillow’s core service is rent/sell information, it only offers walks cores. However, Walk Score provide more details on outdoor information, they should position on the market which convenience comes first, price and areas may be considered later.

Link: http://www.walkscore.com


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