Zoomingo – Geekwire #176

Zoomingo is an e-commerce shopping discovery application that helps users find the best sales in local, brick and mortar stores. Zoomingo was primarily developed as a mobile application, but zoomingo.com also offers functionality for users.

Zoomingo is targeting cost-conscious, time-constrained shoppers who are looking for the best deal at a local brick and mortar location. These shoppers have social needs and want the best deal to meet their needs. Zoomingo facilitates this experience by offering users a free application that catalogs thousands of actual sales items so users can identify the best deal on items of interest. To facilitate an even more efficient shopping experience, users can utilize the Zoomingo website to plan a shopping trip prior to actually arriving at a mall. Zoomingo also allows users to set a price alert for items of interest that do not meet their needs or share items with friends and shoppers in the Zoomingo community.

Zoomingo is positioned as a viable mobile application that can save time and money for tech savvy shoppers who have embraced using a mobile device as part of the shopping experience and still enjoy shopping at brick and mortar locations. The application decreases the frustration and time commitment associated with obtaining the best deal, key pain points for their targeted users.



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