Adaptive Biotechnologies – Geekwire #177

Adaptive Biotechnologies Corporation is a bioinformatics company that helps life sciences researchers visualize and interpret their data in a meaningful way. Their patent-pending technology uses high-throughput sequencing and a state-of-the-art computer infrastructure to analyze T-cell receptors, a critical part of the immune system that helps provide defense against tumor cells and foreign pathogens.

The market segments Adaptive is targeting are both industrial and academic institutions that perform work related to the adaptive immune system. Adaptive’s technology profiles the exact makeup of approximately 10-15 million unique T-cell receptors in one individual sample, compared to other prior techniques that could only catalog only about 30,000.  The information is sent back to researchers as well as stored on the company’s website for future access. This is highly advantageous to clients not only because of the vast amount of information Adaptive can generate, but by sending samples directly to Adaptive it saves their clients valuable time that would have been spent on  technical improvements of their own research assays.

While Adaptive has positioned themselves as “available to scientific community at a price point where researchers could incorporate it into their studies”, they are planning to expand into areas of therapeutic and clinical monitoring to help improve patient outcomes.


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