SquareHub- GeekWire#104

SquareHub is a startup that has created an app that provides functionality as a private social network. It addresses the needs of consumers who want to keep their personal data private and yet share only with their loved ones. The potential market for this app is huge and targets mobile consumers who like to share specific data such as photos or do to list on a real time basis. I believe that the market size for this app would probably be around $2B mobile users. It caters to anyone who wants to share certain features with friends and family.

They are clearly going after families (with/without kids) who use mobile apps. The picture ads and the video clearly positions itself as a useful app that is simple for consumers to use and which is safe for kids. The perception given to the user is that this app is safer and better than Facebook. It markets itself as a common hub for consumers to connect, cherish moments and have fun with their family emphasizing on privacy and safety.


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