BarTrender, Inc

Product: Social network app that allows peers to share their nightlife experience in real time as well as providing businesses access to consumption data analyses.

Market type: Niche market. This app and the big data service apply specifically to the bars and night clubs (in the food industry), as well as their customers who consumes alcohol.

Customer and problem: This start up focuses both on B2B and B2C model. Its B2B customers are bar/club owners who can learn about their customer behaviors through the app-collected data. These bar owners could use the big data analysis to launch successful marketing campaigns, for example. The B2C model focuses on people who enjoy nightlife and are eager to share with their peers. Since BarTrender is a social networking app it may gain significant traction through networking effect (like Facebook). The customers would also receive bar/drink recommendations based on preference.

Competition: Not clear. The closest type of competition may be other web-enabled restaurant rating services such as Yelp. However, since BarTrender focuses on the niche of night clubs and bars it has competitive advantage for its novel multi-dimensional rating system (patent pending) that may give far better (and trusted) insights for both businesses and club goers.

Pain Killer or Gain Creator? : I think it is more of a gain creator if we combine both the B2B and B2C. It may be true that through its big data analysis service, bar owners could optimize their supply chains and marketing efforts. The nightlife patrons, through the use of this app, could enhance their nightlife experience via sharing and receiving recommendations.


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