Blue Apron takes the pain out of cooking

Blue Apron is New York based subscription meal service that delivers ingredients and recipes ready to be cooked. Meals are delivered weekly in a box at your doorstep. Ingredients are in right proportion, seasonal and locally sourced. Recipes are original, sourced by experts and takes care of dietary restrictions. 

Dinner kit businesses like Blue Apron are vying for a slice of $1 trillion food industry pie. Technology is redefining the rules this one of the oldest known industries. Consumers are becoming more and more mindful of what they eat. This is creating a demand for services that provides the benefits of cooking at home without the need for huge time investment.

At a price range of $10 – $16, these services are targeted at young, busy professionals with high disposable income who want to eat healthy. These busy professionals find it difficult to make time to do grocery shopping and they end up eating out all the time. They realize that this is unhealthy. Meal kit services solve their problem by taking the legwork out of the equation, by providing right amount of fresh ingredients and tastefully sourced recipes. All that the customers have to do is – cook.

HelloFresh, founded in Berlin and now delivers throughout Germany, Netherlands, UK, Australia and USA. Average price per meal is about $11.50. Chefday differentiates itself from the competition by servicing all-organic ingredients and community service. Every time a customer places an order, Chefday donates a full meal to NYC food bank. Plated delivers the meal kit at an average price of $10 per meal with a monthly subscription fee of $10.

Blue Apron service is a pain killer. It takes the pain of purchasing ingredients and finding tasteful recipes out of the equation thus making cooking easy and enjoyable.


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