Korrio – For the Sanity of Soccer Moms

Korrio is a one stop shop for youth sports organizations. Korrio describes itself as “the end to end service for youth sports by enabling administrators, coaches and families to organize and share their sports life. For clubs and organizations it automates the tasks and removes the complexity of managing registration, payments and scheduling. For families and fans it simplifies payments, schedules and sharing for everyone while protecting your privacy. Gone are the days of cobbling together multiple products from multiple vendors to get the job done. Korrio combines registration, team formation, scheduling, communication, club/team web hosting and mobile access – all in one integrated platform.”

Korrio’s potential market as it’s currently positioned is all sports organizations across the world. I could also see it vertically integrating into any areas in which a specific group of people plan events repeatedly, such as schools, classrooms, PTAs, mobile work groups etc. They started with their focus on sports organizations but with their release of the Korrio mobile app they have now expanded their focus on American youth sports organizations and their families.

Their positioning statement is: “Korrio is a cloud-based service for organizing youth sports. We unify and amplify the sports life of every athlete. Korrio provides the tools required to get players on the field as well as an online environment for staff, families and fans to share and build community.”

I sure wish it had been around when me and my brother were kids… and I bet, so do my parents.

Quoted statements were found at www.korrio.com


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