Airside Mobile

Airside Mobile is an mobile app helps travellers to skip long lines and access premium services during their entire travel time.  One current service is allowing the customers to use mobile to order and pay for airport dining, delivery to gate included.  Another new service coming this spring is letting travelers complete their custom declaration form on their phone and skip long lines at U.S. Customs, which is authorized by the US Customs and Border Protection.

The potential market for Airside Mobile is people who are really busy and have limited time at the airport. Any traveller who wants to save time and skip lines at the airport could be an end user.

Airside Mobile’s real customers mainly are airport food providers, major airport retail player, Airports Council International and MasterCard. The revenue comes from fixed monthly access fee and revenue share on transactions.

This mobile application possesses unique competitive advantage. First, the founders have deep and extensive network within the travel industry. Second, the customers help with the branding by using multiple channels. Besides, the new service approved by US Customs and Border Protection has a high entry level, ruling out other competitors. So I think this app can be considered as a gain creator.






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