As our group is focusing on creating an allergy-testing device or app, I find a company called AllergEase on the AngelList.

Product: Their product has the same name as the company, which is created to fight against seasonal allergy. It is made of a collection of medicinal herbs, four herbal extracts, a touch of menthol, organic honey and some Vitamin C. The customers can use the product as a supplement to their current allergy medicine or use it as a standalone supplement during allergy season.

Market type: The market should be categorized under healthcare, nutrition and medicine section. Also the price of the product is low, so the market type is low-cost.

Customer and problem: AllergEase targets at those people who usually have seasonal allergy problems, some of them may have an intense symptom and others may take the product as a precautionary measure. Moreover, the product is made of natural material instead of chemicals, so it may attract people who are afraid of the side effects of chemicals.

Competition: The competition mainly comes from other medical or healthcare products that serve the same purpose.

Is it a Pain Killer or Gain Creator: I think the AllergEase is both a pain killer and gain creator. On one hand, it helps those people who may suffer from seasonal allergy problems and make their life more confortable. On the other hand, it will give customers extra boost in high irritant environments, so they can get out and actually enjoy nature, rather than hiding from it.


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