Beer Hunt

Beer Hunt is a mobile application developed by The Monkey Inferno, based in San Francisco. The app combines social media interaction with craft beer discovery.  Modeled after Foursquare, which allows users to check-in at locations, Beer Hunt allows users to “check-in” when they discover and drink a new beer. The user is rewarded with points or badges depending on the beer’s style, location and rarity. Users can then use these points to access exclusive deals and offers from local breweries and pubs. Beer Hunt is carving out a niche within an existing market. Companies like Foursquare have dominated the “check-in” mobile app space for some time.  Beer Hunt is attempting to re-segment the market and capture users of Foursquare type apps who also enjoy beer. The app is designed for technologically oriented beer aficionados who enjoy discovering new, rare brews and sharing them with (and competing against) their friends. The structure of Beer Hunt’s point system reward users for finding rare beers and its social media design allows users to compete against friends in accumulating points and badges.  If you enjoy showing how much more you love obscure craft brews than any of your friends, then Beer Hunt is the app for you. While many beer related mobile applications already exist, there are two applications that add a strong social media component to beer consumption. Beer Hunt’s primary competitors appear to be applications called Untappd and Pintley. Both offer the ability to interact with friends and discover new, craft beers. Beer Hunt, and its competitors, are much more aligned with gain creation than with pain killing. Beer Hunt’s user base is already involved in discovering new beers and Beer Hunt simply adds a social media and competition element to that activity. The app’s developers are hoping that these two elements enhance the experience enough for users to value Beer Hunt’s involvement in an already existing pastime.


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