Our group will work on a Queue Predictor

Product: DemystData is a platform dealing with big data, helping customers access and apply the booming amounts of customer data created online. They use this data to improve customer decision making in areas such as identity verification, credit underwriting, fraud management, marketing and more

Market type: DemystData focuses on the market of big data analysis.

Customer and problem: DemystData’s main customers are financial service providers, like online lenders and banks. They solve the problem that hard to predict next steps with non-quantified and quantified data on hand. Using their product a company may make a better decision. 

Competition: The data analysis market has some useful tools for long time. Existing data analysis software like SPSS, SAS, STATA can also do predicting work. DemystData integrate with hundreds of data feeds including the leading social media APIs, commercial data providers, and unstructured web information to bring you a cohesive customer profile.

Gain Creator: Big data is not a new word. Even without a platform or software, there’re plenty enough statistic experts working on such jobs. DemystData brings benefits, but not explore a brand new world.


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