Product: Dropsense is a non-invasive blood sugar monitoring system, specifically designed to be used at night. It combines a wearable patch and mobile technology to alert the user when they are showing symptoms of low blood sugar and are at risk for hypoglycemia. The alert can come through their personal mobile device or that of a family member or friend.

Market: Dropsense is a healthcare product specifically related to diabetes but is also a part of the technology market. It’s goal is to provide the monitoring and alert system at a lower cost than current alternatives.

Customer and Problem: According their website (www.mydropsense.com), there are approximately 94 million people who use insulin to treat their diabetes. While diabetics can monitor their blood sugar levels during the day, its difficult to monitor while they sleep which increases the risk of hypoglycemia. Currently, there does not seem to be a non-invasive and affordable product available to address this problem.

Competition: Competitors are not profiled on their AngelList page, but other news sites and blogs indicate that non-invasive glucose monitoring products are being researched and developed.

Pain Killer or Gain Creator: Dropsense is a Pain Killer for consumers living with diabetes because it addresses the need for a non-invasive, nighttime blood sugar monitoring system. The company aims to sell the product at a low cost so that it is widely available to those who need it. Dropsense is also a Pain Killer for family members close to those with diabetes because it would give them piece of mind knowing their spouse, partner, parent, or child’s blood sugar levels were being properly monitored while they slept.


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