Recipe Cloud

Recipe Cloud is a small startup created by what appears to be one founder – Jacob Hull – in his spare time.  The concept behind the app is to create a social gathering place for friends to share recipes, plan meals, and inspire them to cook at home more often.   The app is available on iTunes for $0.99.

The market for Recipe Cloud is the crowded social media space and because it is only available in the iTunes App Store, the market is limited to Apple iPad and iPhone users.  Their potential customer is a person who likes to cook at home, share their successes with their friends, and likely to seek out new recipes on a frequent basis.  You can call this person the Facebook Foodie.

Competition for Recipe Cloud is found all over the place.  There are several similar smaller startup companies who produce similar apps regarding searching external websites and saving recipes.  Considering Recipe Cloud is combining meal planning, recipe searching, and social interaction, their most formidable competitor is industry titan Pintrest.

Based on comments from the founder in the About Us portion of the website (, it would appear the app was created to be a pain killer with the pain being no product available to easily share recipes with friends.  However, given the fact the services offered by the app are found other places, in reality the company is a gain creator.  The gain provided is that its specificity toward social cooking allows it to bring together in one app features most sought after by users and provide them in a simple to use interface.


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