Angel List Profile: Aromyx

Product: Aromyx created a disposable biochip which simulates human olfactory receptors in order to see how smells and tastes affect the brain. Aromyx’s chip is portable, so it can be used in their customers’ own labs. In addition, unlike similar products, Aromyx’s chip does not require the use of live cells.

Market Type: This product falls in the Biosensors/Bioelectronics market. In the past, this capabilities of these sensors was only available in the labs of the makers of these sensors. Customers were required to do their testing onsite at the biosensor makers’ premises. By creating disposable, portable chips Aromyx is opening up the market to Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Food & Beverage (F&B) companies who would like to expand their research and manage these tests within their own facilities.

Customer and Problem: Customers for this product are Consumer Packaged Goods and Food & Beverage companies. Many of them rely on a limited array of tastes (sugar, salt, and savory) to drive adoption of their products using chemicals that are slowly being regulated out of use. Aromyx’s product will allow them to experiment with a broader array of tastes and smells and scientifically analyze human response to new ingredients.

Competition: Competitors are biomedical research facilities which do olfactory research on site using live cells in combination with biochips.

Pain Killer or Gain Creator: Aromyx’s product is a Pain Killer. It allows CPG and F&B companies to bring this research in-house, saving them money and providing them with the flexibility to conduct studies using the scientists and researchers they already have on staff.


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