CamFind – Reverse Image Search

CamFind claims itself as the “first successful visual search engine worldwide”. Its pioneering reverse image recognition technology allows users to capture image or record speech with their smartphone device, and search for information related to the image or speech. Search returns details such as overview of object, vendors of product, price comparison of similar products, and many more. In addition, CamFind is also linked to social media tools to allow facile sharing with friends.

CamFind targets all consumers who find reverse image search useful (the image searching market). It also services the mobile commerce market. Pledging a fast and accurate search of images or particular object in the image to provide users with experience similar to a combination of WikiSearch, amazon marketplace, google translate and more, CamFind is a powerful “Point, Shoot and Discover” tool. The search engine speeds up the information obtaining process of smartphone users in today’s fast-paced soceity, and returns 4 time more accurate results than Google Goggle. Customers will be alleviated of the painful process of attempting to accurately describe a particular object with key words for search input and then plough through piles of information. In this sense, CamFind seems to be a pain killer that finds its niche in this competitive search engine market.

Competition to CamFind include products from the super search engines such as Google goggle and Amazon A9. While these large corporate competitors have the advantage of a wide-spread existing customer base, their technology seems to fall behind that of CamFind in terms of results accuracy, as the startup reports. A number of smaller companies based on reverse image searching is emerging in recent years, such as TinEye, RevIMG, SnapTell, etc., which may also directly compete with CamFind for potential markets.


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