HapPay – Easy mobile Payments


HapPay is a start-up that has been launched about a year ago and is already gaining some traction in India. HapPay enables you to make easy mobile payments to friends and colleagues by just knowing their mobile numbers. It avoids the hassle of remembering bank account numbers. HapPay is a mobile app that generates a unique four digit PIN which is used in every transaction as part of the security process. HapPay currently operates in the Indian market and it uses ZipCash (which is approved by the Reserve Bank of India). HapPay has different features that make it very attractive including automatic prepaid mobile recharge, payments to bank accounts and making group payments.

I think HapPay is currently targeting working professionals between the ages of 25 to 40 years. HapPay addresses the problem of making payments to others. It has a ZipCash wallet which can be automatically recharged to make faster payments.

There are many companies that exist in the mobile payments space. HapPay differentiates by primarily targeting individuals and making it easier to collect group payments. I think it is ideally suited for young professionals who would likely be early adopters of this new technology of making payments to friends.

In conclusion, I would summarize HapPay to be a pain killer for many young professionals in India who want to send money to friends and colleagues.


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