MyDrobe is a start-up that help people “keep the war out of your wardrobe”. MyDrobe creates a personalized recommendation based on the user’s style and the brands they like to suggest products to buy, outfits to wear on a daily basis. The company wants to be the ultimate, one-stop-shop, trusted fashion companion. 

Product: Website and smartphone application as the interface to provide service

Market type: Fashion consulting and B2C

Customer and problem:Urban folks who face two problems on a daily basis: what am I going to wear and what products should I buy.

Competition: 1) Direct competition: websites or application that provide similar services 2) Indirect competition: fashion consulting agencies and apparel retail sector 

Gain creator: MyDrobe is both a gain creator and a pain killer at the same time, as it weighs more on creating a new demand and the service brings more convenience rather than necessity to customers.


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