Pixbi is a company focused on defining the next level of brand, consumers and publishers. Till now retailers and publishers utilized images to enhance the brand image and publish material but with Pixbi’s platform plugin product brands can add interactive product specifications and sales point to the images and the publishers can enhance the digital content by adding user actions interfaces to the images. The product also provides a great way to gather rich user data about the customer’s actions and behavior, this rich data can be used by the brands and publishers to customize their content and brand advertisement.

The target market for Pixbi are the media and content publishing companies and sales and marketing departments using the digital images as part of the product advertisement. The main customers are the publishers and the brands looking to add the additional product information and integrate the sale interface with the images streamlining the product display and branding. Some of the problems that the company faces are onboarding new products and publishing companies, scalability and reliability to keep up with the increasing user base and maintaining secure interface for products checkout.

 In the current market, the interactive image package offered by publishing software companies like Photoshop and others offering interactive image technologies like iiCreator are some of the competitors for the company. Pixbi is creating an edge over the existing packages by offering a plug and play package that is easy to use and adaptable. It is definitely a plus for the brands and the publishers as it helps them create an edge over their competitors by enhancing their user experience, brand integration and seamless sales experience.


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