Product:  PlateJoy takes meal planning to the next level.  It allows customers to quickly and easily select meals for the week based on their heath goals and dietary preferences.  Grocery partners deliver the ingredients for these meals at your convenience.  You will also received step-by-step recipes for each meal, which only require a small amount of time to prepare.      

Market: PlateJoy can best be described as a new product attempting to resegment an existing market.  Even though there are a few other companies that do very similar things, they are seem to be in very early stages and competing for the same niche market.  The larger market that PlateJoy is attempting to reshape is the grocery delivery market.      

Customer and Problem:  Currently, PlateJoy is serving customers in Boston and San Francisco.  They are targeting a wide range of consumer including individuals who are strapped for time but still want the option of having a home cooked meal and people who are still becoming comfortable in the kitchen.  The service allows you to indicate the number of people that you are feeding, so both single individuals and families can take advantage. 

Competition:  BlueApron and Plated are both in a similar space and provide customers with recipes and ingredients.  PlateJoy is attempting to set itself apart from these companies by providing customers with much larger delivery windows.  The company has also dedicated time to ensuring that none of the ingredients go to waste, which saves money for the customer. 

Pain Killer of Gain Creator: PlateJoy is a pain killer.  It reduces the time and effort that people have to spend deciding on weekly meals and grocery shopping.  People also save time because meal preparation only requires 10 minutes for breakfast and lunch and 30 minutes for dinner.  Having a plan for the week can save money because people will be less inclined to eat out.   



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