QMedic’s is a wearable medical alert device protects your loved one though he is unable to press the emergency button. It will ensure your loved one receives timely treatment by alerting you via text message if your loved one has a late-wake up time, is out of the home for an extended period, or if he is not wearing the device. Emergency call center services is provided on-demand to ensure the safety of your loved one 24 hours/day.

This device mainly targets on senior people who stay home alone and need health-care. For those who have a family member to take care and have to work away from home, this is the device that allows you to focus on work and keep an eye on your loved one at the same time. Hospital can use this device to keep track on chronic patients who have been sent home

As the growth of senior people, there rises a dilemma for middle-aged population who need to take care of their parents at home and balance their work at the same time. On the other hand, more and more senior people would like to age in home with dignity. Before the existence of QMedic, senior people who need health-care can either be sent to nursing homes or left home alone.

QMedic is a Gain Creator that frees both senior people and their children. Senior people can now age in home with dignity while their children and care-givers can keep a eye on them away from their home.


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