Satori Brands Soju

Satori Soju

Satori Brands creates ultra-premium soju, the traditional distilled spirit of Korea.  Created for the U.S. market, it is distilled from GMO-free brown rice and winter wheat.  In addition to the original, they also offer three all-natural botanical flavors, lemon grass, pear, and plum.

This is an existing market.  Spirits are a very competitive industry, with large corporate players, as well as smaller scale micro-distilleries.  However, not all accounts can serve spirits.  Some states require that accounts have a separate distilled spirit license in addition to a beer and wine license, 40,000 in California and New York alone.  Soju is the only distilled spirit that has a legal loophole that allows it to be served by accounts with only a beer and wine license.

This product can be sold to hospitality outlets such as restaurants and bars, as well as retailers.  Depending on state laws, it can also be sold online directly to retailers and consumers.

There are other producers of soju, mostly from Asia.  However, many of these sojus are in a lower quality tier and price point.  Satori is currently the only premium micro-distilled soju made in America.

Satori Soju is a pain killer.  Many accounts are not able to apply for a liquor license, and soju allows them to compete with locations that can offer spirits-based cocktails.  Since it is in a premium category, it allows for higher-end accounts to offer a premium beverage.


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